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I am Emma, the founder of Beyond Benefits.


I am fascinated by aromatherapy and believe that many

essential oils harness powerful atributes from Mother Nature

that have been studied and proven over time as a very

effective holistic therapy.


I have found that in addition to their strong pleasing aromas,

these essential oils are truly amazing in that they each have many ways in which they can help us to feel better and look better.  Each oil has certain elements within it which can help the skin in ways like controlling oiliness, encouraging cell regeneration and elasticity, acne healing abilities but the same oils may also affect our mind and mood in certain ways once they are

either breathed in or absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin.   Some help us to sleep, some help us to think clearly and others encourage confidence for example.


Here at Beyond Benefits Aromatherapy we really think hard about what we want the product to achieve not only on your skin but on a deeper level too.


We clearly list all of the ingredients here on our website and on product labelling using the INCI names as specified by EU law.  We have also included their English common name in brackets so that you can see what is in each product. We are proud of our ingredients and so we make sure that they are displayed as clearly as possible.


We don’t test any of our products on animals, all of our products are suitable for vegetarians and most are suitable for vegans too.  We have full comprehensive safety certification provided by a cosmetic chemist and we hold appropriate insurances as required by EU law.










Using essential oils in skincare goes BEYOND the superficial, BEYOND appearance and BEYOND just smelling good.  


Essential oils are powerful, they contain qualities that can affect how we feel and when blended correctly can really BENEFIT our mood and emotions.

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