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Why Private Label?


Do you want your own brand of toiletries in your shop but are baffled by the paperwork and wouldn’t know where to start with the formulation?


Beyond Benefits Aromatherapy offer the perfect solution.  Private labeling.


Choose any number of our soaps or natural skincare products and we can work together to create your own branded range.


If you have your own logo, corporate colour scheme or a very distinct brand that’s great, our designer can use that and incorporate it into your product labels.


There are many advantages of using Beyond Benefits for your own brand toiletry range, here are a few :




























The initial set up cost will be itemized for you and will include :


•Your first product order from our wholesale pricing list


•The design fee quoted based on the number of products and fragrances you require (this includes alterations until you are 100% happy)


•The label printing fee – a minimum of 10 sheets of labels for each design which are held in our office ready to apply to subsequent orders


•Free delivery of your first order


Label Information :


For our jar and bottle products, we currently print on Polyethylene which is oil proof and so is good for our products as they don’t smudge or get damaged if they come into contact with the product itself.   You can choose peelable or permanent, matt or gloss, white or clear – your preference - and will depend on your design and colour scheme.  


*NOTE : It is a requirement that the postcode of manufacture is listed on the product, we add our postcode discreetly, in small text under the ingredients


You are of course able to use your own designer and printer if preferred.


Please contact us at [email protected] to find out more about this.

•  All of our products are registered with the CPNP - Cosmetic  

  Products Notification Portal as required by EU Law


•  All of our products hold valid EU compliant Cosmetic Safety



•  All of our products are formulated and tested extensively

  before being released to the market


•  All of our products are natural, contain no parabens or chemicals,

  preservatives or artificial fragrances


•  All of our products are palm oil free


•  You choose your own RRP.  As your products are exclusive to you,

  the customer can not compare prices and therefore you are free

  to set your own RRP  


•  We are happy to remove all of our own information from the

  packaging to ensure that you get the repeat business


•  All ingredients are listed clearly along with directions for use

  and any warning that may be required to comply with EU law


•  We are open to ideas and can even formulate new products

  especially for you, just ask


•  You have created the illusion of having your own brand of

  toiletries which means that when your customers love the

  products they have to return to you directly to re-purchase as

  they are unique to you

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